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Dead Space 2 CD KEY (ORIGIN)

Activation details How to activate my game?
How do I redeem my product code in the Origin client?
For newer games, you can redeem your code both in the Origin client and on the web.
  1. To redeem your code through the Origin client:
  2. Launch and log in to the Origin client with your Origin Account.
  3. Click on Origin in the menu bar on the top left.
  4. Select "Redeem Product Code."
  5. Enter the product code for your title.

How do I redeem my product code online?
You can redeem your code via the web* by going to, logging in, and selecting Redeem Product Code from the left-hand menu. Enter your product code on the Redeem Your Code page and launch the Origin client to start downloading.

Alternatively, head to, log in to your Origin account and enter your product code on the Redeem Your Code page.
Note that the above steps do not work with the following titles and exceptions:
  • The Sims 3 - Your codes have to be redeemed on the Sims website in order to be "registered" in Origin.
  • Bulletstorm - Bulletstorm cannot be redeemed through Origin and you will need to contact an advisor to have them complete the process.
Dead Space 2 CD KEY (ORIGIN)
Game details


- Action-adventure


- Windows 7
- Windows Vista
- Windows XP

Game modes

- Single-player

Developer / publisher

- Electronic Arts


  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish



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Pegi info

  • Age Rating
  • OfflineMultiplayers1
  • OnlineMultiplayers2-8

Dead Space 2 Product Details

Released on 27/01/2011

Dead Space 2 pushes the limits of action, horror and terror. After waking up in a sprawling, dark and mysterious location, Dead Space 2 hero Isaac Clarke again finds himself thrust into the middle of a massive necromorph invasion. Surrounded by the screeching cries of undead monsters and the haunting drum of echoing noises, Isaac plots a course through abandoned building after creepy abandoned building. Dead Space 2 is set to deliver best-in-class sound design, visuals and action sequences.

In Dead Space 2, engineer Isaac Clarke makes his return in a blood-curdling new adventure on an all-new space installation known as “The Sprawl.” The lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation, Isaac finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Battling dementia, Isaac will do whatever it takes to save himself and dominate the relentless enemy onslaughts. Equipped with a new arsenal of tools to dismember the necromorphs, Isaac faces the challenge head-on. Players will see Isaac fight bigger, scarier and more epic battles that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

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Great horror game and game service by OKS

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The buy process was flawless and Quick.
The game is excellent. I'm very satisfied.

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great prices as always

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Quick, cheap and surprisingly not a scam.

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Quick, cheap
and a great game

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