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- Sport Simulation


- Windows 7
- Windows Vista
- Windows XP

Game modes

- Single-player
- Multi-player

Developer / publisher

- Electronic Arts


  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

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Five game-changing innovations revolutionize artificial intelligence, dribbling, ball control and physical play to create a true battle for possession across the entire pitch, deliver freedom and creativity in attack, and capture all the drama and unpredictability of real-world football. 

All-new Attacking Intelligence infuses players with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever achieved. Players have the ability to analyse space, work harder and smarter to break down the defence, and think two plays ahead. Now every touch matters with the most comprehensive and intuitive dribbling system ever developed for the franchise. Inspired by the world’s best player, Lionel Messi, Complete Dribbling enables players to face their opponent and use precise dribble touches combined with true 360° mobility with the ball while threatening to attack, so it’s easier to be more creative and dangerous in 1v1 opportunities. FIFA 13 1st Touch Control transforms the way players control the ball, eliminating near-perfect touch for every player on the pitch, and creating more opportunities for defenders to win back possession. The second generation of the Player Impact Engine expands physical play from just collisions to off-the-ball battles between players. Defenders can push and pull for position, and utilise their size and strength to force opponents into poor touches and decisions before the ball arrives. FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks provides the tools to create dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Position up to three players over the ball and utilise dummy runs and more passing options to outwit your opponent. 

FIFA 13 delivers the largest and deepest set of game-changing features in the history of the franchise. Additional features and new modes will be revealed in the months ahead. 

Key Features 

Attacking Intelligence — All-new positioning intelligence infuses attacking players with the ability to analyse plays, and to better position themselves to create new attacking opportunities. Players will work harder and smarter to break down defences, make runs that pull defenders out of position, and open passing channels for teammates. Plus, players possess an off-the-ball vision and the ability to think two plays ahead to create, curve, or alter runs to capitalize on openings as they occur. 

Complete Dribbling — Make every touch matter with complete control of the ball. Exploit 1v1 opportunities with the freedom to be more creative in attack. Players are more explosive accelerating with the ball, and utilise precise dribble touches with true 360° mobility with the ball while facing a defender. Face an opponent to threaten attack while moving with the ball in any direction to dodge tackles, or turn and shield the ball, maintaining position, and holding off defenders for longer stretches. 

FIFA 13 1st Touch Control — A new system eliminates near-perfect control for every player by creating uncertainty when receiving difficult balls. Poor passes are harder to control, enabling defenders to capitalize on errant balls and poor touches. Factors such as defensive pressure, trajectory of the ball, and velocity of the pass all factor into a player’s success. Players with better control and skill stand out. Fewer perfect touches, the potential to over hit passes, more opportunity for loose balls, and greater balance between defending and attacking. 

Player Impact Engine—The second generation of the award-winning physics engine expands physical play from just collisions to off-the-ball battles, giving defenders more tools to win back possession. Defenders can use their body to win possession, push and pull for position, and utilise their size and strength to force opponents into poor touches and decisions before the ball arrives. 

FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks — Create dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Position up to three attacking players over the ball and confuse opponents with dummy runs, more passing options, and more elaborate free kicks. Opponents can counter by adding or subtracting players to the wall, creeping the wall forward, or sending a bullet man to intercept the pass or block the shot. 

New Passes — Two new passing options give players the ability to finesse passes over the outstretched leg of a defender or play lower trajectory lofted through balls into space or to teammates. 

FIFA 13 Fundamentals — Essential elements have been refined to make the experience more authentic. Referees will now make better decisions awarding fouls and cards, goalkeeper intelligence has been improved, and Tactical Defending has added lateral mobility for players in defensive containment. Plus, new animations have been developed for off-balance shots, 180° shots, and celebrations. 

Complete Authenticity — Over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players. 

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really bad gmae, sooo bad dont buy if you dont liek foot ball

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No (58)
this game has a lot of bugs, mistakes and other things the comentarist are so bad.

Was the above review useful to you?

Yes (50)
No (49)
First fifa game since 2010. Altough its has still some isues like connection lags etc its still a good game.

Was the above review useful to you?

Yes (46)
No (34)
Pretty good game, fifa games are always fun. Great graphics as well.

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Yes (39)
No (42)
The best FIFA to date. Nothing else to add, and this price is unbeatable.!

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Yes (36)
No (44)
Sports games usually have one thing in common, and that is that there usually isn't much difference between one version or another. Are those small differences really worth buying the latest releases? Well, let’s find out.

I'll start of by saying a lot of things remained the same in FIFA 13; the biggest changes to the series happened in FIFA 12, with the Player Impact Engine and the new ways of defending. However, this gave the developers a lot of time to fine tune the Player Impact Engine and work on some new game modes.

Let’s kick things off with a bit of info about the gameplay, because truth be said, gameplay is certainly one of the aspects of the game that has to be good and in FIFA 13, and they’ve done a great job refining it.. In FIFA 12 everything looked far more realistic compared to previous releases of FIFA; although it still had its fair share of bugs it was a welcome change. In FIFA 13, the game developers invested more time in getting things sorted when it comes to AI. AI Players are now much more maneuverable and dart around the pitch looking for that gap in between two defenders to get the ball and go deep to try to score a goal. The way they do that depends on the skill level of the AI players, you will definitely notice this when you’re playing with fellow teammates like Iniesta or Xavi, compared to a youth player of West Brom.

Another new asset to the game is the way the players receive passes. No longer do they have glue on the inside of their shoes, but depending on their skill level or the difficulty of the pass, it’s possible that the ball jumps away from the player. No longer can you give extremely hard passes to your teammates without considering the risks and potential consequences of losing the ball. A new way of dribbling has also been introduced to the game making it easier for the players to work with. When your player comes into certain zones the game automatically puts this player into a kind of a dribbling mode allowing you to make short turns or dribbles. Players who played the last FIFA Street series will definitely recognize this feature.

Our last change in the gameplay is a small one, but does bring that extra bit of realism to the game. In previous versions in certain situations, FIFA 12 allowed you to make quick free kicks to speed up the game, this is still present in FIFA 13, however these events occur more frequently than before, resulting in a smoother flow and steadier pace to the gameplay.

New added game modes

Pro Cubs Seasons (online). This mode allows you to play a season online versus other players. I know this was also available in FIFA 12 but, now they've made significant changes to the layout and the way promotion to different leagues works, they've also made it possible to actually win the title of a season round! FIFA 13 also brings you a refurbished EA Sports Football Club. There are substantially more possibilities available and more statistics from the real football world are shown.

You can still support your favourite team by playing games for them to ensure that they are the biggest club in the world, but more importantly, the real form of clubs and players are tracked. Is a player in the best shape of his life? If so, his stats will also rise. This is especially nice when you consider that some players at the start of the season will not be so good, but suddenly break through.

There is also a shop added where you can spend coins you earn while playing FIFA 13. This allows you buy all sorts of things, which you can use in different modes. For example, you can buy an extra game in a season, so those much needed three points can be obtained or you can directly determine the outcome of a match.

Brand new to this years FIFA 13 are ‘Skill Games’. You can play these exercises as a kind of tutorial. How you give passes, how to shoot, how to dribble and much more. Each exercise has different levels that go from easy to difficult. They replace the arena during the loading screens for a match. So now you can spend your time wisely, instead of aimlessly shooting at the goalkeeper.

The ‘Be A Pro’ mode has received some changes and updates which really benefit the game, now you can work as a coach of a national team ( if you are asked to work for them). Fortunately, you can use your coins to buy a ticket, so you’re always immediately asked for coaching a national team. The interaction with your players is different now. You will need to keep them happy and you better listen to what they have to say. If a player asks if he’s allowed to play in a friendly match to prove himself and you ignore him repeatedly, then he will no longer be motivated and thus perform less. Disgruntled players are again detrimental to the atmosphere, making your team perform worse.

FIFA 13 is another step forward from previous games in the FIFA series, gameplay innovations are successfully implemented. It's still not perfect, but I am more than satisfied. The new online seasons provide the online gamer for extra depth and more power, but also for people who just want to play against the AI, there is more than enough to do. There are still some frustrations, such as the slow simulation, but overall, FIFA 13 is a step in the right direction. It may not be revolutionary, but it's a fine, well balanced evolution in this much loved soccer franchise.