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Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Expansion Pack DLC CD KEY (UPLAY)

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  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Genres: RTS
  • Languages: EN, FR, RU, IT, DE, CZ, NL, ES, HU, PL


Rise of the Techs

The rise of the Techs cannot be stopped. Due to their constant thriving for innovation and research they will become the most dominant and advanced civilization in ANNO 2070: Deep Ocean. Hidden in the depths of the oceans for centuries, the Techs finally succeed to find a solution for all energy problems. Thanks to new technology it is now possible to produce and distribute energy in a whole new way. But every advancement is accompanied by new challenges and risks. Will you be able to handle the situation?

ANNO 2070: Deep Blue Sea will offer you:

  • A new civilization rank
  • Underwater expansion
  • New ways of energy extraction
  • New missions about the energy research of Hiro Ebashi
  • Revised research feature: Multiple new items
  • Hostile take-over of islands without using a single bullet
  • New Tech Monument including new gameplay options
  • Fascinating new production buildings and goods



Play the Techs as a true fraction

Unlock the Tech Geniuses und discover the fascinating possibilities this fraction has to offer. Fulfill the needs of the most advanced fraction ANNO has ever seen. The new building and research features guarantee endless entertaining gameplay. This is the ultimate challenge for every ANNO master builder.

The advancement of a whole generation combined in one building

The Techs are getting their own monument which mirrors the highest standards of human architecture. Gracious and noble at the same time the Tech monument will become the center of every city. Thanks to its power the monument immediately subdues the construction area of the complete island - without any restrictions. Yet, do not underestimate the costs thereby incurred.

More than 30 new buildings and vehicles

The needs of the Tech Geniuses are complex and cannot be satisfied easily. Put up many new buildings - most of them underwater - like the Gene Pharming Lab, the Coral Factory or the Electronics Recycler. Discover those and many more new production buildings and master their requirements to perfection to satisfy your Tech Geniuses.

Make your city more beautiful with the most modern technologies

Techs are mostly interested in efficiency, but even a Genius needs some free time which he likes to spend in a suitable environment. Glass tunnels and holograms will embellish every city. And although the Techs are proud of their technology, they really enjoy a nice walk through a beautiful park.



New production capacity underwater

Thanks to the technology of the Techs you will be able to expand underwater. Here you can find all the needed resources to satisfy the Techs and keep them happy.

Benefit from the possibilities the underwater world offers

In ANNO 2070: Deep Blue Sea there are underwater trading routes for the first time ever. Use the hidden way of transportation to bring your goods fast and safe from one base to another. It is truly a fascinating spectacle if your submarines dive and surface automatically while they supply your needs.

Safe transfer underwater

The new trading submarine of the Sysyphos class offers you completely new trading options. In combination with the underwater trading routes it is now possible to transport goods below water level. This will be an unbeatable advantage if you come into conflict with an opponent. Transport your goods safely and unnoticed through enemy lines.



The energy source of the future

The Geothermal Powerplant is the strongest powerplant in ANNO 2070 and is the Tech’s answer to mankond’s everlasting need for energy. This monstrous building is able to absorb the nearly limitless energy of the Earth’s core. This is something every ANNO 2070 player needs. But pay attention: Powerful technologies are not easily controlled…

The answer to all energy problems?

With the help of Energy Transmitters you can transfer electricity between your islands. Thanks to this feature you gain more possibilities to plan your cities. Change the appearance of your cities or even complete islands by relocating your energy production. This is a huge step towards solving all your energy problems.

Tsunami - A massive threat for your cities

Advantages are great - but at what price? This is especially true for the Geothermal Powerplant. On the one hand, it provides you with nearly endless energy. On the other hand, a malfunction can become a massive threat for the surrounding islands. Although, a Tsunami may look impressive, it is recommended to have some items on stock to avoid the catastrophe.

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awesome expansion pack been playing it for 20+ hours and still going strong, great addition to a excellent series of games.

Great price too thx!


With a MasterCard Moneybookers account the delivery was literally INSTANT. OKS still provides an amazing fast service for the fraction of the price !


Quick, easy cheap


Great price, fast delivery!
Thanks :)


Very cool Expansion Pack for an already cool game, adds new buildings, quests, missions, scenarios and a whole new population group with completely new needs and wants.

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