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Welcome to Avalon

The world of Avalon is rich with history and stained with blood. Each of the three factional territories has seen battle, adventure, mystery and magic throughout the four ages of Avalon. These events are split up between the following ages:

Pre-founding, Early Avalon, The Golden Age and Post Fall.

The actions of the Lords and Ladies of Avalon take place in the Post Fall era, two hundred years after the fall of Avalon City and the splintering of the Great Orders from one united banner back into three factions. As the ruler of a small city with a garrison, players will expand their holdings and construct their cities in Avalon as they seek to aid their chosen faction in restoring itself to its former glory, or carve out their own path in history.

Each of the three Great Orders has a rich history and culture, which leads them to conflict in the current era. As the three Great Orders recover from their internal civil unrest, the lands of Avalon have been drawn into war once more.

With the God King Lutherian the Third dead upon the throne, the Order of Dawn seeks to re-unite the factions and maintain balance in the lands of Spero. At the same time, the Order of The Divine seeks to seize power from the throne and grow its wealth. With the God King gone, the Order of Dawn struggles to oppose this new threat. These are not the only troubling developments in Avalon, however.

The Order of Darkness, its honor wounded by false accusations, seeks to claim the throne and become the rightful ruler of Avalon. The three Great Orders are at each other’s throats, and conflict has erupted across the lands of Avalon as they battle for control of resources.

Building up their military power, rulers will seek to unite or destroy Avalon as they see fit in their attempts to control the realm and assist their chosen Great Order. However, should the Lords and Ladies of Avalon choose, they too may attempt to seize the throne. 


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