Battlefield 4 Russian To English Tutorial

Video Tutorial


Fresh Install Video


November Patch Video


For a fresh install, follow this guide from Step 1


If you want to patch the game from a previous Russian version to the November 14th patch, jump to Step 3


This guide will teach you how to patch the Russian version of Battlefield 4 into English. If a Polish version was previously installed, then you will have to resinstall the game into Russian before continuing. This is very important.


Overview: We’ll be downloading the required language files, following this tutorial to apply them.



|Click here to download the files|


This guide starts from the assumption that you have the game installed. If you do not, do so now.


Step One


Test the game launches correctly by launching the game. This is especially important if you have just installed, or reinstalled the game.


Step Two


Copy the language files into the Battlefield 4 directory – the default is:


(64 bit systems)
C:Program Files(x86)\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\
(32 bit systems):
C:Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\


Replace any files when asked.


If there are any remaining Russian files from a previous patch, leave them alone and do not remove them (but it is ok to overwrite them).


Jump to this step for the 14th of November patch - Step Three


Download the 14th November patch files here


Place the downloaded 'loc' folder in


 C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\Update\Patch\Data\Win32


Place the EXE files in:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4


Remember, the EXE files are unmodified – just taken from the Russian disk. It is not a crack.


Step 4


Download the registry fix here.


Step 5


Download the Origin game launcher Outcome from here.


Once Outcome has started, browse for this file and select it:


C:\GAME INSTALL LOCATION\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\bf4.par


Press submit once done, and replace the BF4.par file in the same location as the original file in your Battlefield 4 install directory.


Step 6

Proceed to launch Battlefield 4 in English from Outcome, logging in with your Origin ID. Remember now that you have patched the .PAR file you no longer need Origin to launch the game and it needs to remain off when you lauch outcome instead.


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