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A security truck loaded to the brim with cash lays undefended in a parking garage, only seconds remain to steal as much cash as possible into your bag before the cops show up to stop you. Dollars fly behind you as you barrel full speed for the elevators. Reaching the roof a teammate hits the zip-line, however choosing the direct route you swan-dive over the edge of the building. Pulling your parachute Bullets are screaming right past your head. Hitting the pavement hard then it's time to leg it to the getaway van. The police sirens are heard and are in pursuit , that’s when you notice the massive crane crashing down about to demolish your ride. Just another day in the life of a Battlefield Hardline player.

  • Cops Vs Robbers- changing from the soldiers and militaristic conflicts to criminal activity is a big switch in Battlefield. You’re robbing vaults, zip-lining around buildings listening to the sounds of police sirens wail and echo throughout battle zone. Everything has been made to feel new again, putting a fresh perspective shift on the battlefield.
  • True Battlefield Experience –Trading the long distance battles replacing them with cities and suburbs may be a switch but still includes destructible environments, modern-day weaponry, vehicles, and massive high tension encounters.

  • All-star Campaign –Created by the brilliant story tellers at Visceral, developers of the popular Dead Space trilogy, Hardline’s single player feels more like a prime time television crime drama than your average storyline campaign. Plot twists and more to be discovered through the detective story and the high points play out in huge memorable gameplay moments of all out nail biting engagement leaving you wanting more.

If you want to join your friends at the crime scene, you absolutely need to add the Battlefield Hardline Digital Deluxe Edition to your game library. You’ll hit the streets with ten solid weeks of content that will keep that multiplayer rush going – including new weapons, gear, and customization options. And each week, you’ll get a new Battlepack to open.


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Had a problem with my transaction, it was marked "Fraud detected". Contacted the support team right away, it was solved ~3 hours later. Not too bad at all, I'm a satisfied customer :)


Instant delivery, just a shame there's no paypal option even though it appears as a valid option


Ordered the game in February, got it before launch and I am downloading it now...

The only thing I can say is fast efficient and super communication about the time when we get our keys :)


Serious and reliable. Very good


Used OKS a few times for all top titles. Never had s problem and keys are sent instantly. 5* recommend to anyone.

Only downside, you can't use PayPal anymore but that goes for OKS, G2play, G2a, kinguin etc. so not just this site

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