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Experience the bone chilling horror that is Alien Isolation by buying a Alien Isolation PC CD Key for activation with Steam. Here at Online Key Store we aim to give you the best price for an Alien Isolation PC CD Key. Alien Isolation is a first person survival horror video game that hinges greatly on being stealthy.

In Alien Isolation you are Amanda Ripley and you desperately trying to survive the horror that lives on Nostromo which is obviously a blood sucking alien that only lives to kill. Nostromo is dark and mysterious. Most of it's crew has been slain and the lurkers on the ship have only segregated themselves into factions. As an outsider you must hide yourself from both the aliens and the factions in order to progress and continue to stay alive.

Alien Isolation Is Packed Full Of Features

  • Improvisation will save the day. Craft new supplys and plot your every move in order to survive the onslaught that may await you at every step.

  • True next-generation graphics fully pull you into the setting and the atmosphere's are absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word.

  • Don't trust anybody as you met other members on the ship who would gladly trip you while running in order to save themselves from an alien acid bath.

  • Discover the reasons behind Ellen Ripley's dissappearance as Amanda Ripley and become aware of what the films left out.

Amanda is in search of her mother Ellen Ripley and goes to revisit the ship Nostromo. Things go wrong and Amanda finds herself helplessly savaging the ship for resources in order to escape her looming death by crazy aliens that want her dead. As you play you will be faced with puzzles, hard to get around obstacles and use every brain cell you have just escape with all your limbs attached to your body. Your mission is overcome and delay all threats to retreat into the safety of space and you're ship outside the Nostromo. You may have to hack your way into the ships corridors. You may have to take someones life in fear of losing your own. You may have to face your fears of monsters in the dark. Alien Isolation's corridor styled gameplay really lets next generation graphics shine. With a smokey loomed atmosphere. Vibrant shadows and intense lighting effects really pull you into the world for full immersion.


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Pretty cheap compared to the normal game's price, fastly sent. Good job !


Won a copy in the onlinekeystore give-away on facebook. So happy. Such a great thing to participate and WIN! :D Thanks a bunch guys, really happy with it!


cant wait to get playing - smug knowing I paid less than most...




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