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ARC Continuum is a gripping 3rd person action adventure game where you take on the role of a wanted man caught up in a desperate race against time. You must find the ARC, an ancient weapon, and use its extraordinary powers to control time, travel to parallel universes and lead the oppressed people of Taraan to victory against their tyrannical Kassar overlords. Set in a constantly shifting multiverse where events can play out in an infinite variety of ways, your actions have consequences that ripple through other player’s timelines. 

In an intense tale of intrigue, betrayal and revolution: you play as a galactic bounty hunter turned freedom fighter marooned on the remote desert planet of Taraan. Hunted for your secret knowledge of the ARC, located in an ancient underground city. You must use its extraordinary powers to control time to fulfill your destiny and lead the people of Taraan to victory against their tyrannical Kasaar overlords. A race of merciless galactic conquerors who would rather see Taraan destroyed than allow its people to regain control of the ARC. 

The ARC: Wield the ultimate time weapon: 

  • Bend time to your will by stopping, slowing or reversing it 
  • Jump backward through time in the blink of an eye 
  • Open wormholes to other player’s timelines. 
  • Destroy challenging enemies with the power of the ARC

Interdimensional Gameplay: Jump to other players’ universes as a friend or foe. Work together to get weapon upgrades and rare items or take them for yourself. 

Tactics With a New Dimension: Challenging, fast paced third person action that requires the tactical use of time manipulation to overcome enemies and obstacles. 

Deep and Rich World: Experience a compelling story where you are the catalyst of a revolution that takes place on a conquered planet struggling to break free from the chains of oppression. 

What is ARC Continuum? 

ARC: Continuum is an action adventure game set in a science fiction fantasy world with gameplay focused on time manipulation. 

How long is the Gameplay? 

ARC Continuum will be a 6+ hours long single player and multiplayer experience, jam packed with quality game play. 

When will it be released? 

Our release date is still TBD but we are planning for a Q4 2016 full release, with a playable beta coming out sometime sooner. 

Do I have to play online? 

Although we recommend playing ARC Continuum with multiplayer enabled, the game is designed to work perfectly as a single player experience, which will not require the player to be online. 

What languages will ARC: Continuum support? 

The primary release will be in English, with translations for other languages to follow if there is sufficient interest. 

Unlock the power of the ARC, hidden underground, in the depths of Taraan 

Explore the ruins of the ancient Taraan race 

Kasaar soldiers pursue you every step of the way and will stop at nothing to claim the power of the ARC 

To Find out more visit our website at

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