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Pegi info Violence Bad Language Online gameplay
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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genres: Action-adventure, RPG
  • Languages: EN, FR, IT, DE, ES

Are you looking for a Dead Space 3 PC CD KEY that is able to activated on Origin for cheap? Great! You've come to the right place. Dead space 3 is 3rd person action adventure horror video game. If you purchase the Dead Space 3 PC CD KEY from us you'll get it at a low cheap price.

With Dead Space 3 you'll find yourself playing yet again as Issac Clark a space engineer that works in the engineering department and as another random person in coop that works in the military branch. After the events of Dead Space 1 & 2 Issac finds that earth is under a massive attack by the demonic creatures. He must journey to the demonic home world and put a stop the red towers that have been mass produced by the government by taking out the mother of the towers. Things are looking grim for Issac and it appears that he is against overwhelming odds. Issac Clark must find the source of the demonic outburst and put an end to it.

Dead Space 3 On PC Features:

  • Increased frame rate and multi-able resolutions that gives you the best experience while playing Dead Space 3 at high graphical settings that is vastly superior to the console version.

  • Issac's suit and weapons are able to be upgraded with an RPG like leveling system. Issac Clarke now has more suits that have way more uses such as a jet boots, temperate control and coop perks.

  • Truly dark and creative atmosphere that leaves you worried about what will be around the next corner and what is stalking you from behind. Creative set pieces are also plentiful and quick-time events are plentiful.

  • Epic story-line that unfolds before your very eyes as Issac finds himself putting a final end to the demonic evasion and even a corrupt government.

Experience the true action adventure rpg themed horror game known as Dead Space 3 on PC with our PC CD key that is cheaper than what you'd find on Steam. This is one classic franchise you just don't want to pass up now or in the future. Go blow off some limbs and scream at the horror with your friends in coop!

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Good game!!!
And has co-op, nice!!!!!!!!!!!




Good price and very fast this time. No complaints.


dead space 3 is der perfekte abschluss für/von isaac.ich mag das spiel von anfang an.nur schade das die psychische belöastung im 3.teil auf der strecke bleibt.Monster riesen groß und schwer aber genau das mag ich

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