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  • Developer: Cliffhanger Productions
  • Genres: RPG, Strategy, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer
  • Languages: EN, DE
  • Official website: http://jaggedalliance.gamigo.com

Jagged Alliance Online brings the turn-based strategy classic back to life as a Free To Play Multiplayer Online game with an Optional Single Player Game available as additional DLC. This game is fair to play, allowing you to earn anything that can be acquired in the game by playing - so it is YOUR tactics that count!

Train your team and grab your gear from hundreds of weapons and armours to create the toughest frigging merc outfit in the world.

Compete in turn-based tactical PvP duels against other teams or transform the game into a FULL SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE and take on challenging contracts around the globe with our optional CAMPAIGN PACK DLC. This allows you to play the game just like any other downloadable game - buy once and play forever without worrying about paying ever again.

Match your tactical skills against thousands of other players to win Warzones with your allies and lead you company to victory and great rewards. With great graphics, the well-known Jagged Alliance game mechanics and hundreds of new weapons and gear, this is turn-based strategy at its best!

Key Features:

  • Detailed 3D graphics based on the Unity 3D engine
  • Select from over 40 mercenaries with individual attributes
  • Over 500 different weapons and equipment items
  • Your own expandable headquarters
  • Crafting to improve your team's weapons and armour
  • Face the ultimate challenge in the Batllegrounds live PvP and get to the top of the leaderboards
  • Compete against players and alliances for rare gear and weapons in time-limited Warzone events
  • Forge alliances with other players and compete as a team
  • There is No Premium Currency in this Game.
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PC System Requirements


  • OS:Windows Vista
  • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo, 1,8 Ghz
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 64MB of video memory
  • Hard Drive:1800 MB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection


  • OS:Windows 7 or later
  • Processor:2,4 Ghz or faster
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 64MB of video memory
  • Hard Drive:2000 MB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

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Fun online turn based combat game!

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