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  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
  • Genres: Action, Adventure
  • Languages: EN

The Legacy Of Kain collection features all three Legacy of Kain video games in the franchise. Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver, Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy Of Kain Defance. By purchasing the Legacy Of Kain Collection from us you'll be able to digitally download all three video games to your Steam account on PC.

Legacy Of Kain Definace 

Play as Raziel and Kain in the franchise capper known as Legacy Of Kain Defiance. Kain is an all powerful god like vampire who is in charge of taking care of the pillars of nosgoth. Raziel a demonic wrath that feasts on the souls of the dead in order to stay alive in the real world because he gets sucked back into the soul world. Kain and Raziel have a twisted past. Raziel seeks to destory and kill Kain due to the beyrarl that made him into a demonic monster. While Kain leads Raziel on his path in order to make Raziel do his bidding. Experience the final capper to the triolgly.

Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver 2

Razeil fails to kill Kain at the end of the events of Soul Reaver. Kain has activated a time portal and has escaped Razeil's venegence. Razeil continue's to chase Kain through the gate only to find himself in another time and surrounded by conspiracy. Every twist and turns seems convient to someone else and never Raziel. Razeil must also coms to terms with his past which he never saw coming. Himself.

Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver

Razeil a supreme vampire is able to take the throne from a powerful demi god known as Kain. Kain is afraid of Raziel's power and crushes his wings and throws him into a pit of despair filled with water which burns away all his flesh and kills him. Raziel wakes up in the spirit world and is greeted by an unkown monster that lurks over the world. This unknown creature makes Raziel a soul reaver hence the title. This is the first game in the Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver franchise.


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