Innovative Gameplay

Players fight other players with their customized army to steal “life time” points from each other to survive longer than everybody else in the game. In the meta-game the players can unlock, upgrade and choose the right troop types for the next match. No other strategy game allows you to connect in a running session without having some huge disadvantages ingame.

Craft your Swarm

Submerge lets you pick the abilities you want to bring into battle and change them while playing. How? In the game you control a squad which consists of multiple units with unique abilities. Before joining a match you decide which units you want to bring to battle to challenge the other player’s strategies.


The fight takes place deep down, below the ocean’s surface. In the beautiful underwater world, the wild life is not only colorful and pretty to watch, but also aggressively going after your units. Sea creatures, deep sea worms or poisonous corals are only a few of the dangers you are facing down there.


Can you stand your ground against 15 different players at once? Are you the one fighting off all players and surviving longer than everybody else? Crafting a powerful squad, executing your superior tactic and being skilled enough to break your enemies tactic will do the job. Take on the challenge and participate in an intense, fast-paced and tactical 16 player multiplayer struggle for survival!