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Pilot and Titan Unite

Call down your Titan and get ready for an exciting first-person combat experience in Titanfall 2®! The sequel introduces a new single player campaign, where you can delve into the unique bond between Pilot and Titan. Or blast your way through an even more innovative and intense multiplayer experience - featuring 6 new Titans, deadly new Pilot abilities, expanded customization, new maps, modes, and much more. 

Can't wait to customize your Titan? Pre-order today and you get the Nitro Pack free. It features special Warpaint and Nose Art for the new Scorch Titan in addition to a unique Call Sign. Don't miss out on these extras!

Key Features:

Experience a captivating single player story.

Titanfall 2 features a single-player campaign packed with action and inventive twists. Play as a Militia rifleman stranded behind enemy lines, who encounters a veteran Vanguard-class Titan. The two must work together to uphold a mission they were never meant to carry out. 

Enjoy awesome multiplayer action.

The sequel gives players more of the multiplayer combat they've come to expect from the franchise. Take the first-person action to the next level with more Titans, more abilities and deadlier technology. And be sure to stand out in the middle of all the chaos with new, expanded Pilot, Titan and loadout customization options!

Join your friends for mayhem.

Everything's better with friends - including all-out, Frontier-style warfare. Titanfall 2 introduces Networks, the social tissue for the game that makes experiencing all the heart-pounding action with old friends, and new, fast and easy. Whether you prefer Social or Competitive play, you'll be able to create or join the perfect Network to suit you and your crew.


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Very nice game, definitely recommend it !


i cant wait!

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