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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genres: RPG
  • Languages: EN, FR, RU, IT, DE, CZ, NL, ES, HU, PL
  • Official website: http://www.dragonage.com/

Dragon Age II follows the events of Dragon Age Origins. This time you play as Ethan Hawke as the darkspawn horde takes over the swamps were you and your family was located. Ethan and his family escape the darkspawn horde with the help of flemoth and is taken the kirkwall where Ethan must make establish a new life and a new craft in order to fix the immigration problems that cripple him and his family. Ethan must take over Kirkwall.

Adventure awaits Ethan as you play through a decade of Ethan's life as the city and the character change around him. Every choice you make has an outcome and sometimes will bring others misfortune. Family members will die. Good people will perish. Mages and Templar is the main focus here. Mages and Templar hate each other and do not trust one another. Templar keep mages imprisoned and control in order to maintained power.

Key Features of Dragon Age II PC Version

  • Improved graphics that only the PC version of Dragon Age II can deliver with stunning beautiful locations that draw you into the world and magic effects that light up the screen. Dragon Age II is one beautiful vide game.
  • Epic storyline that takes you through years and years of different events. Cameo's from previous Dragon Age characters are also present to appease the fans of Dragon Age Origins.
  • Enhanced combat system that gives Dragon Age II that much needed lift with a focus on action and strategy.

Dragon Age II also has the Black Emporuim with is a marketplace found deep beneath the city that will let you recreate your character and buy special weapons and gear for you and your party. It is also have your very own mabari war hound incase you missed him around in the first game that can be an extra bonus fighter on your team. Meaning he takes up no character slot.


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The price was good, and I got my key the next day.


Code works fine, pretty slow delivery this time round compaired with previous orders


Awesome site, loved this game on the 360 happy this helps me get it at a good price. Game is quite linear and not as open as dragon age 1 but is still a good game if you like rpg games.

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