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EVE Online: Inferno CD KEY (Direct Download)

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  • Genres: Vehicle Simulation
  • Languages: EN, FR, RU, IT, DE, CZ, NL, ES, HU, PL


Escalation  April 24th, 2012
Loot Table Changes Show Some Industrialist Love

´╗┐NPC ships will no longer drop manufacturable T1 loot. NPCs will continue to drop modules, however T1 items which have a blueprint will no longer drop, making player manufacturing the primary source for these items.

Tweaked Titan Tracking

Titan tracking has been revisited, reducing tracking and the number of targets they can have locked at once. Smaller ships, such as sub-capitals, should now prove more useful in fleet battles as both offensive and defensive combatants.

Bountiful Drone Rewards

Alloys have been removed from the rogue drones, and bounties have been added to them to bring them in line with other faction mobs. Players no longer have to gather a cargo hold full of alloys to make rogue drone hunting lucrative.

Incursion Iteration

The rewards and challenges of Sansha invasion fleets in Incursion content have been revisited to better balance challenge and reward. Vanguard invasions will now take a bit longer, while the time to complete an Assault invasions will be reduced some. In addition, the ISK reward of Vanguard invasions has been changed to bring the reward in line with the difficulty/risk.

Status Effects Notification Panel

Status effects - commonly known as buffs and debuffs - currently active on your ship will now display in a more visible and intuitive Notification Panel on your screen, similar to other mainstream MMOs.

More Multi-Cultural Character Creator Colors 

The EVE character creator now offers a wider assortment of skin hues for a more diverse and realistic palette.


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great game, its so intense and really feels like your building something awesome.

good price OKS and fast delivery as usual

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