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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genres: Racing
  • Languages: EN, FR, IT, DE, ES

Need For Speed Rivals is a racing game in which you are fighting with your rival's which are cops and racers. In Need For Speed Rivals you'll be racing on various tracks to evade the cops and beat out your competition. If you buy our Need For Speed Rivals PC CD KEY you'll be able to activate a digital download of Need For Speed Rivals on Origin at a cheap low price that not other CD Key shop can compare to.

Need For Speed Rivals takes place in Redview County where there's a huge rivalry between cops and racers. Both sides continually fight with each other in order take over Redview County in their eyes. You can play as a cop or a racer. Cops look to take down other racers and arrest them. With being a racer you're goal is just finish the race before the cops snag you or your competition wins. 

Need For Speed Rivals PC Features:

• Play as a Cop - Unlike most Need For Speed games Need For Rivals allows you to play as a cop to arrest that street racing scum bags that are tearing up your protected city.

• Online Multiplayer - Join in with your friends at any time using the unique feature called Alldrive. Drop into their game and save your friends from the cops. Or become a cop and take down your friends. It's all able to be done from Alldrive.

• Craft Your Car - You are what you drive. With a huge unique inventory you can craft the car you want to have and make it your own. That way you're car can never be the same as your friends unless they copy your design that is.

You'll be given addiction weapons that allow you tactically take down other racers or cop cars. This also works in unison for the cops as well. Use your smarts and conquer Redview County to make it your own. Racing has never been brutal. If you purchase our Need For Speed Rivals PC CD KEY you'll be given access to the full game on Origin.

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Le top du jeu de course arcade!


Wanted this game already and now it was on sale!! awesome ;) After a little trouble I could easily buy/download it, great work! (troubles were my own fault, didn't know I accidentally used a proxy)


I really like it, thank you for the discount OKS! I found the game at its the cheapest at your place. I am an NFS addict!


fast delivery & reliable



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