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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genres: Racing
  • Languages: EN, FR, RU, IT, DE, CZ, NL, ES, HU, PL

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed is a racing game that looks to immense you deep within a real racing experience. Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed is designed from the top down to experience a true driving experience that mimic's real life handling of race cars. Going around turns at 300mph is something that every die hard racing fan wants to experience.

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed now has a racing cam view if you wish to drive that way as way as the normal options that will give you a life like experience of crashing and turning your head just like you were racing in real life. Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed 

Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed for PC Features:

  • True level of immersion with real time car handling around tracks. Realistic helmet cam that shows racing how it should be shown.

  • Cars handle sloppy and are hard to control just like in real life. You won't be making turns at 400mph in Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed.

  • Experience a racing career by winning races. The more races you win the more you will progress throughout your career. The more you lose the more you fail at your career. Stakes are high!

Experience the realistic race car driving simulator Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed and race like you've never raced before. Make the best of your career. Build your perfect race car. Compete to win the golden cup at the end of the checker flag. If you purchase the Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed PC CD key from us you'll get it a low price that no other CD Key websites can compare to. That's why we know you'll be a return customer. Have a nice day and enjoy racing.

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I think the game is good, but the old Games mutch better!


One of the meanest of racing games.
Received the key in seconds, activated, done.

Having fun and crashing. Thanks OKS :D


This is surely one of the hardest racing games I have played so far. I hardly even went past cars in the first races at easy difficulty. So that's a major minus as the game is way too hard
Driving cars is also painful at the begining as they hardly turn, so crashing at corners was a major problem at my side
The road and near objects to it look nice, far objects are made in lower graphical detail, but you hardly notice that during racing
I do like it although I recommend the previous games from the series :)

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Even though ive seen some pretty bad reviews for this game i would say it is a good title if u like track racing games this one is a good purchase and for those who are saying it is too hard i have no problems winning and if u have difficulty turning u can change the steering sensitivity and other control options to configure the game in a good configuration for urself


Nice Game :)

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