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I got the 1st GRID and was epic, now this GRID 2 is going to be lengendary!!!
If you love racing games buy this game. Hell even if you not like racing games you will start to like, i assure you!!!

6 stars out of 5, lol


I've been playing GRID for some couple of hours now and it's actually a quite good game.

The on-line mode will take some time to get better cars and upgrades because of the separation withthe single player mode. All cars gained in the single-player mode will not make any difference to your on-line game profile except for the fact that you have a little experience with driving the different type of cars.

The single player mode is quite the same compared to GRID 1. You start as rookie, build up your fans to get higher in rank and be able to play in more different matches. It does feel renewed however and is fun to play through.

The game is made as arcade racer with some very nice looks. The game can't be configured to any settings close to simulation as the cars are made to drift easily. It will take some little time to understand how to be fast on the track but after like 10 hours of playtime you should be doing quite good.

+ Nice single player
+ Nice collection of cars
+ Some cool tracks
+-Need to learn how to race arcade
- AI is quite reckless in Single player

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Very fast trade as usual ++OKS




Alles super gelaufen wieder :) Geiles Game


Easy and cheap! awesome!


very nice game, good multiplayer


nice game


played the first one. its really woth it


Hat alles ohne Probleme geklappt, Key kam sofort per Mail!


Top Spiel , Hammer Grafik. Mehr braucht man nicht dazu sagen.


it's a good game, but they took a lot out of it that I miss from Grid 1, like having my own team, ease of selecting the events I wanted to be in instead of feeling like I am shoehorned into only a few race options, the ability to buy my own cars instead of either just having them given to me or having to win them in challenges, etc.


It's a awesome game and the support on Onlinekeystore is very good.


It's not as sim-like as the first one anymore, but it's still great fun! Especially with friends (local splitscreen)


Great service here, easy, simple and cheap!!


Pretty good


niiiiicceee !