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Easy pay, pretty nice discounts, i love it :)


Schönes Spiel schnelle Lieferung


Easy payment with moneybookers VISA, no hassle and the game was available moments after purchase - Good offer by the way!


great game for a few bucks :)


An amazing spectacle for the avid strategy gamer. FTL: Faster Than Light is a beautifully crafted, well-written space strategy game that consistently builds on it's gameplay, and writing. It constantly gives you a feel of tension and suspense as you fight off rebel reinforcements with your last missile while opening your airlock to extinguish fires, then sending your alien mantis-like crew members to attack oncoming pirate boarders. It gets you thinking and on your toes all the time and I would definately recommend this awesome space strategy to anyone. 9.5/10

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another great purchase