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good service over a long ship ment time


Easy purchase


Thanks its very fast no better instant


One of the top 3 fps shooter in this year at all.


Very good and nostalgic game! Having lots of fun with it!!


I'm thoroughly enjoying this reboot. Great graphics, decent story, and fun gameplay. I was apprehensive after Duke Nukem' to play a reboot but this one was well done. I can't recommend it enough for fans of the series or Action/Adventure fans.


just got this and is still downloading not surprising with our internet in Australia but this to say how pleased i was with the service and price of this game. The price of this on steam is stupid $79.95 and i know this is not a new game so i thought it would be around 25 or 30 dollars not 80 so i got this for a great price and will be using this service again so well done onlinekeystore.