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This game is the best you will ever get. If you like first person shooter and if you like zombies then why not buy this game? It consists of about 13 multilayer maps with 6 exciting game modes which can scare you at times. You can always start the single player so you can be 1 person and play with some bots who are helpful. Don't forget to buy this game as its worth the money you buy it for. In my opinion this game is the best money I have ever spent.


Its an very awesome game :D


very fast i love it


Very nice game, just bought it again for a friend :)


Since I live in Australia (which this game was censored here) I felt inclined to buy and uncut version of the game. So I came across this website after searching for uncut versions on Google. At first I was sceptical, after purchasing I had no idea how to redeem my purchase. My order was "processing" so I waited until the next morning (about 9 hours later). I had received an email saying my order in now complete. So I logged back in to this site and checked the "my games" tab from the drop-down menu. I saw an option where it said "get your keys" next to the game. I clicked on it and a window came up asking me to download a text file. I opened the text file and there was a link. You have to copy the link and paste it in the address bar. Then sign in to your steam account, to receive your game as a gift. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and will continue purchasing for this site. The game is great by the way. A very good co-op action horror FPS, if you like zombies you will love this game.

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Lightning fast as always, thanks for the low price, now I'm off to play with my buddies :)


Rly good Game!


Super quick delivery, everything working as intended :)


Key was sent the instant i paid, very good product as well


The deals here are some of the best