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Everything works fine, you always get what you order from these guys. Pricing is good. The main thing that sucks is how long it takes (almost 9 hours on this order), other sites are much faster.


Okay first off.... This is an Early Access Game... if your looking for a polished finished game, then this might not be for you as there are bugs in the game. That being said, the Developers are constantly updating and tweaking the game on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

The system recommendations shown for the game are a little optimistic.
I was using an i5 Laptop with Intel 4000 On-Board graphics, set all the graphics to low and removed most of the visual effects and shortened the draw distances to get a reasonable frame rate of about 30 to 35 fps, which gave me the odd frame drop. It however did not look anything like the screen shots for the game.. at best it looked like you were playing on a Playstation2, slightly plastic looking textures, playable but it didn't look great.
I upgraded my Home PC when it died recently to an - i5 4690k (clocked at 4Ghz), 16Gb DDR3 1866 Mhz, SSD 250Gb, NVidia GTX 750Ti OC 2Gb GDDR5..
Now I can safely say that it looks and runs on High with a good level of visual effect and decent draw distances with a good 30 to 40 fps.

The game itself is what I can only describe as amasing, Turok meets Minecraft with a little of Preditors (The Movie) thrown in for good measure.

As with all Open world survival Crafting games things take time to build; you have to gather resources, research the items to be built based on your characters level.
Yes it can get a little tedious trekking round resource gathering, but all games like this are the same. But this is where the similarities stop!

The research/tech tree is not the most comprehensive I have seen, but this is being added to as the game develops and is still very good.

Tame yourself the right Dino though and then go out resource gathering and you can get more materials than by hand tools in a much faster time frame... Need Berries for your Dino's, use a Bronto (Just watch out for a little Lag when swinging the tail), need Metal and Stone use an Ankylo.. The right tool (or Dino) for the right job makes thing much easier.

Taming Dino's can be a slow process if you want to get higher level Dino's, but low level ones are tamed pretty quickly.. I would always recommend taming High level Dino with a group of people its just easier!!

All in all who doesn't want to have there own small fortress with auto defenses and a large array of tamed Dino's to ride and go on a killing spree with... In a lovely detailed environments where pretty much all living things (that aren't tamed) will try and eat you... It's fun, its simple yet complex.. Really its what you want to make of it yourself..
NOTE - If you do intend on playing on the Official servers make sure you are used to the game first by spending a little time offline in a standalone world, it will help you get used to how things are done before jumping in. Public servers can be savage, if you log into the wrong one!!, this is because people are mean.. BE WARNED!!

Buy it! Downloaded it! Play it!.. support the Dev's, just don't be to annoyed if it doesn't look as good as the official screen shots or runs a little jumpy (FPS issues).

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Key worked no problem for a great price! This game is great!


Seems to have worked. (Game is installing on steam now) I read a lot of reviews and it seemed sketchy, but I also read a lot of potential false reviews. So I gave it a shot. Took a little while and I wish they explained that you have to wait for the key and that order processed order isn't order completed. I had to go into FAQ to find that out. Took about 12 hours but I got my key. Just open key in your interweb program and copy\paste the link. No need to buy winzip like some people were saying. Overall I saved some money. $$ bills y'all.I just think they need to make it a little more user friendly.

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Much faster key code received.
Very pleased.
If the procedure would be instant that would be perfect :)

Best regards


I haven't had time to play the game yet, cause i just received the game. It took me a while before I received the key, with some problems during the ordering process (my order wasn't finished, but I already paid). However with the effort I put into it, I got a quick reaction from OKS and my key was ready in a jiffy! Thanks OKS!




Top alles schnell und zuverlässig gerne wieder. Ein tolles Game macht sehr viel Spaß.