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cant wait to play this awsome game


The new Rainbox Six Siege is basically awesome. The maps are very small, and the game is very intensive all the time. The game engine make it possible to blow up almost any wall, some specific places of the floor/roof every door and window and those inner wall that r not possible to blow a part can be made full of shooting holes.

There is 5 players max in one team. And every player needs to pick up different class. Every class (they r called operators in game) have their special ability and most of them have different weapons. This make the game even more interesting since there is no one master race like medic which every one would pick. If one player picks up the medic its not able to other team mates. Every weapon is also customizable with optics, silencers etc...

The basic idea is that the one team is defend the objective in the building and the other is trying to attack and capture or blow up the objective. Both team have one minute pregame time to set up defenses and traps and other team is spying the building with little spy robots by the same time the defending team is setting things up. When approx one min is over the actual round starts and the attacking team should now have some kind of idea what is waiting for them in there and make a quick plan and start going forward. The defending team can still put up last barricades up even the attacking team is on the move already, because normally they don't make it to the object by blowing up only one wall or window.

There is possibility to play the game in 5 vs 5 online casual, online ranked then 5 players versus AI bots (more than five) and the "hardcore" mode you alone versus many bots.

I have played everything between small COD maps to huge ARMA maps but never any of the Rainbow Six game series. And this game was very positive surprice for me even the maps are smaller than in the COD. I highly recommend to watch out some pro level gaming from youtube by IGN 30min review of this game. It shows very good how much fun the game is when u have all your 5 friends in voice chat and know some tactics.

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Awesome service and great support! I was a bit impatient at the evening of the prelaunch and they personnally saw too it that i got my key as fast as possible. Certainly would buy again!


A bit late on giving out the key this time, but overall great service.


perfect service fast and convenient board and 10