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after years buying games on this website , I had just the first issue and must say thank you very much OKS to refund me totaly! Yes ladies and gentleman whatever some may say on forums about this site I can tell you they are totally trustable , I can say this because I had a 1st hand experience on that! I can only say to new customers , if the price here is lower then the prices on steam or origin don't hesitate and place your order you wont regret it! fast delivery and always working and if not they refund you. What more do a human need :D

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Excellent service, order was processed quick too.


Best site ever and the prices are great.


The new armies add a new twist to the already good gameplay of CoH2.

Currently the game could still use some more ballancing, but I presume that will be fixed in upcomming patches.

Overall a great addition to a great RTS!


Super game, with alot of new units... makes the hole game more balanced an funny to play !!! Best RTS up to date....