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I was amazed how god and fun this game is. The suit you wear gives you some kind of super powers and the effects that come with that are very nice. You can chose multiple ways on how to reach your destination too, which makes the game stand out from others.
I really recommend the game for this price :D


This is a very fast-paced, dynamic shooter. The graphics are simply awesome, the gunplay is fantastic, and the nano suit adds loads of variety to gameplay. The acrobatics are so fluid and satisfying. I highly recommend this game!


Did not really live up to my expectations, the stealth in multiplayer was really annoying and the campaign was pretty difficult, even on easy mode.


Instant delivery.
now lets hope the game is as good or better then the first


Really awesome game can't wait until the item order gets complete over here :D


great game graphics really good


After finding i had not received my codes for crysis2 and 3 i got on to OKS and in the space of the weekend it has been sorted out just brilliant and certainly my goto online store for games