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Instant and work perfect on steam, thanks ! :)


I thought of making a quick review of the game after playing it. The game has a golden ambience, which is pretty neat. It fits it very well. I didn't like the length of a cutscene at the start which was not even skippable, but what can you do. The game is all about making choices and you'll be asked to make some at the beginibg already. I don't like the way the tutorials are made as they're basically pre-made movies that just tell you what to do and you're never prompted how to jump or crouch(you have to watch a movie for that)
The cutscenes and game are alo a bit blurry on moments.
It's still a great game and worth buying!
Steam achievements are also a big plus

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What a great 3rd person shooter...The graphics are cant be beaten by any game around at the moment...The story line is thrilling and u will get into the game so much that u wouldnt want to get off it...Another great bargain from online keystore....Recommended to all hardcore gamers who love storylines!!


working perfectly tnx :)


Rien à redire livraison à l'heure américaine (en france 00:00 - 14:00) ne pas s'inquiéter de pas recevoir sa clé avant ces heure là. Je recommande contrairement à ce que mon Wot indique.


Awesome game! Played the hell out of it!
Really recommend it to everyone!


Another easy purchase and very good offer from OKS.