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awesome price OKS as always, got key in 5 mins works fine, thx


Simple & fast. That´s how i like it;)


Everything is great and simple over here.


If you have ever played any other total war game you know exactly what you are getting into. A very strong strategy game with in depth and detailed units that will have you're jaw dropped. Something a little bit new in this installment is the animations, hand to hand combat has never looked so good. Other than the looks, the actual game will have you sit down in your chair and have you think about the future of your clan, truly a thinking man's game, have Christianity spread through your lands and you may have a split in society, some saying you have lost your tradition, others praising you for open mindedness. Anyways this is a great buy!

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games purchased are relatively cheaper and really do work. customer service is efficient. Thanks! would definitely buy again:)