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BF3 + Onlinekeystore review
When people review websites, they often forget they want to review the website itself and then they just review the product.
I got my cd-key very fast and had very little problems installing Origin and using the cd-key. I used the cd-key once and got to


Super game. I recommend it. Totally legit and fast purchase.


Amazing !
This is the most beautiful game I ever seen !
I love the details and the animations.
Of course, the main reason I bought Battlefield 3 is for its online multiplayer.
I enjoy every party with a lot of weapons and gadget.
If you like FPS and tactics get


Game is awesome, specially on Ultra Settings!

Key arrived in minutes, since there were too many orders, had to wait a bit. Installed Origin, inserted the key, and voilá, all working good.

Good service, great game ;)


Great Key! :)


A epic multilayer with an amazing story line of single player. This game can beat any FPS game. The graphics are amazing and quality. A must buy game for everyone.


This game is pure beauty between graphics and gameplay. (Multiplayer wise) The amount of fun that is possible is endless and can keep you entertained for months. Most fun with friends because then you can wreck havoc together.


La clé a été reçu 4 heures après l'achat, très satisfait ! Plusieurs mails reçus entre-temps pour confirmer de l'achat etc.
Une fois le mail vous disant que vous avez la clé, il vous renvoie sur ce site, partie "My Games". Je ne trouvais pas la clé mais il fallait télécharger le "Serial Code". De là, vous trouverez un screen avec votre clé ! :D

Donc merci, et en plus très bon jeu à prix assez attractif donc double satisfait ! :DD

To have the key, when you're in "My Games", you have to download the serial codes to find a screen of your key.

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FR : J'ai reçu la key sous les 2 heures après la commande et le jeu marche très bien !
Je conseil vivement OnlineKeyStore. Simple et Rapide !
EN : I got the key in the two hours after the order and the game works very well!
I strongly advice OnlineKeyStore. Simple and Fast!


100% legit, activates with origin, delivered after 10 minutes after i bought it :)


very good game ....
very cheap
very good graphic
and No hacks..


Really fast CD-Key deliver. One of the best FPS right now. A Must Have game


Nice game, required a very good config for play correctly. fast shipping, i recommended really, nices selling prices :)

For OKS (OnlineKeyStore), you can buy with your closed eyes, no problems for a purchasing a game ;)

Par rapport à OKS, vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés, il n'y a aucun souci à l'achat, et en plus, l'envoi de la clé d'activation est super rapide (2mn à peine pour moi ^^) et les prix sont plus que corrects, je recommande chaudement ce site ^^


good :)


Good product, smooth process as usual. Good work OKS again


Super Payment after 4 Minutes my Key was there and i was reddy to download my game .
No Aktivation Problems.
Just the Registration ist not so comfortable .
And the Key will send to you in a Picture ...I Hate it when someone sends me Pictures ... -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-
but everything else PERFECT


Super! Fast and easy order and download, great game, great price!


A meirveilleux site y love you


5 Stars for the service


The best Shooter i have ever played!


Really awesome!
At first I thought this would be fake, you know, because the prices are so low, but when I bought BF3 here and downloaded it, I went to battle right away!


Quick and efficient. Love the service, keep it going !


What should i say? OKS is simpley the best keyseller for me. thats why i ONLY buy keys on OKS. I always get my Keys instant and that just awesome and proof!


perfetto :D


I just bought it