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Name :D
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning no Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning Sorry


Best Price and a brilliant game.


I bought Amalur here a few months ago after I played the Demo. It remembered me a bit of Kotor (conversations with choices).
The world is really big, it has a good battle system and the customization options for your character are decent.
There a tons of weapons, items, armors, magic power etc. to discover.
And yes, there is also a mainstory to uncover.
If you love good adventure or rpg games like me, then Kingdoms of Amalur may be a "hidden" gem for you.

Btw, thx to the guys of onlinekeystore for the great price and flawless delivery of the key.

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Very under rated game, is a mix of dragon age and skyrim. A very fun game.


The order went smoothly, aside from some confirmation and verification steps that I had to take.


Thank you for a great service even though you don't get CD key instantly.