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Buy Star Wars Battlefront at some of the best Prices. Activate the PC CD Key on the Origin website to download Star Wars Battlefront on PC for Origin for the best deals that will save you money. Looking to buy Star Wars Battlefront on Origin using a PC CD Key? Look no further because Online Key Store offers really cheap Origin PC CD keys for a low price. Join in for the space battle of a lifetime in Star Wars Battlefront which is available only on Origin on the PC.

Star Wars Battlefront takes battles to an epic scale from some of your favorite Star Wars moments. Such as the Battle of Jakku which was the important moment when the New Republic sought out the Imperial's in the desert of the Outer Rim. Take control of AT-AT's as you walk through the thick forests of the planet Endor. Playing Star Wars Battlefront has never been more satisfying become you can pilot a tie fighter or even an X-wing in order to blow a hole through your competition. Literally blow a hole through them! Straight through them because you have lasers!


Star Wars Battlefront Is Filled To The Brim With Features

  • Next-generation immersive photo-realistic graphics that will give you the most interactive experience beyond the likes of what you've never experienced before.

  • Epic ground and space battles on a intergalactic planetary scale with amazing photogrammetry technology to make the world more believable as you blow it to pieces with your laser rockets!

  • Play as the most memorable Star Wars character's and take a bite of star wars crime or cause a huge amount of crime! The choice is yours!

  • Play with your friends with split-screen or online multiplayer in 1st or 3rd person view. Yes! We have split-screen multiplayer and Yoda! Tell your friends!


Experience all the battles you've only dreamed about in the Star Wars franchise from the films or just familiar environments featured in the films. Create your own memorable moments by swinging a light saber, stepping on people in the Battle of Hoth or just plain storm trooping around shooting the good guys as you join the dark side of the force you devil you! You could also fight for the Rebellion and do what good normal people are supposed to do also. But they don't get the force choke because evil prevails!

Take part in Star Wars Battlefront that will immerse you into some of the greatest most iconic planets and set pieces you've ever feasted your eyes on. It's the true next-generation experience everyone has all been craving before white castle even came out because Star Wars Battlefront uses photo realistic interactive technology that will blow you and your house down!


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good buy i need now my key


Ordered the game on one of the busiest days of the year, Black Friday! Got my key and was installing the game within 5mins of purchase! Great service as always OKS!




Everything ok fully satisfied. i think i will buy again from you


Thank you OKS! All up and running after a bit of a rocky start. ;) Kudos for the support team! Keep up the good work. Cheers guys!

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