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  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Genres: MMO
  • Languages: EN, FR, RU, IT, DE, CZ, NL, ES, PL

Although there are many games in the gaming world which are still popular currently. Years or even decades...yeah we can say that, after their original release, none have remained anywhere close at the very pinnacle of the genre as long as StarCraft has remained to do so. One of the best selling PC games ever in existence, the original and one of a kind real-time strategy game debuted in 1998 yet it’s taken until now for a sequel to be deemed necessary to the mega hit Starcraft. This gives developer Blizzard (makers of World Of WarCraft) the unenviable and truly unforgiving task of creating a game that is both new and accessible - and yet will not upset the millions of fans of the original.

The basic set-up is still the same so things will still feel familiar to a degree with three playable races: the Terrans (humans), the Giger-esque insect, hive minded yet altered, Zerg and the psychic, advanced technology enabled Protoss. There will be approximately the same number of units for each race as in the original game (about a dozen each) but many are all brand new and those that do return have been significantly altered to where even the most season Starcraft veteran will double look, from simple things like allowing the Protoss Zelaot a new dash attack to replacing the Terran Goliath mech with the Viking which can now transform into a jet.

  • Really strategic: Sequel to the most popular real-time strategy game ever, with incredible new graphics featuring hundreds of units fighting together onscreen.

  • Expect the unexpected: No two story missions are ever the same as you battle everything from deadly lava flows to enemies that only attack at night.

  • World of StarCraft: The most feature packed multiplayer ever with a unique ladder system for ranked games, plus detailed matchmaking options, replay features and more.

  • Balance of power: Control a perfectly balanced mix of units, including brand new weapons of war and old favorites with enhanced abilities.

  • Do it yourself: New editing tool allows you to make your own custom maps and modifications, with a legion of fans ready to create their own flood of unique content.

One of the most obvious changes in the game is the difference that a decade of graphical advancements has brought about, with ultra high resolution maps filled with hundreds of units scaling gigantic battles and spectacular excitement along with it. Online fans will love it but the single player experience has also been greatly enhanced with new CGI and real-time cut scenes and a complex storyline re uniting players and loyal fans with the characters seen in a brand new dynamic. With an extremely powerful in-built game editor as well this sequel should last at least another ten years.




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